Our Philosophy

We know your skin is unique. Your lifestyle and the environmental stressors you’re exposed to will change your skin over time. At Halo Spa, we tailor each treatment to your current needs to deliver healthy, glowing beauty. The highest quality products and cutting-edge technology provide safe and effective skin therapy in a tranquil setting. You deserve the very best.

Our Skincare

Glymed Plus

Founded in1991 by Christian Heatman (A Master Licensed Esthetician and massage therapist.) Glymed Plus is a pioneer and an industry leader in the field of pharmaceutical Skincare products.

Let’s look at what that means! 

The FDA separates Skin Care products into two completely different categories.

One being Cosmetic and the other Pharmaceutical.

Having to undergo much more rigorous testing than cosmetic products, Pharmaceutical Grade skin care products can take up to 10 years of testing and development and cost millions of dollars to produce.

This assures you are using a quality product that penetrates the layers of skin, effecting the structure and function.

We are so pleased to be able to offer this fantastic product and are confident you will be pleased with the results yourself.

Our Skincare


Professional-grade skin care by the international dermal Institute (IDI).  A skincare line with products that are free of common irritants and ingredients that could prevent breakouts and improve skin health. Dermalogica has a legacy of award-winning products. And trusted by skin therapists worldwide. 

Our Skincare

302 Skincare

302 Skin Care is organic, preservative-free, and sustainable agriculture-based ingredients – most products are more than 90% organic content. NOT tested on animals, and contain no animal-derived ingredients. 302 skincare offers effective topical solutions to reverse visible aging, acne, and skin stress and is especially effective on skin scaring and complex inflammatory disorders of the skin.


Hello I'm Nini

Licensed Professional and Dermalogica Expert with certifications in Microdermabrasion, Hydroimpact Plus, Chemical Peels, Reconstructive Facelifting Massage, 2X Lash Extensions, and advanced skin care specialist. I will offer Clinical Treatments, Spa Facials, Reconstructive Facelifting Massage, and Lash Services.