*50 minutes – $125

When time is a factor, this petite facial is perfect for you. The petite facial is customized based on your skin’s needs. During your appointment, we will discuss your skin concerns and what treatments best suit you. This treatment includes double cleansing, professional exfoliates, (extractions if needed) a special deep treatment mask. This facial cannot include the modalities described below.

Pregnancy and Oncology safe.



*60 minutes – $150
*60 minutes – $225
*90 minutes – $300

Our signature, exclusive treatment will leave your face looking healthy and rejuvenated. Each facial is customized based on your skin’s needs. During your appointment, we will discuss your skin concerns and what treatments best suit you. This custom version of the petite facial incorporates the petite facial elements such as deep cleansing, exfoliates, extraction, and mask as well as a selection of the modalities described below and massage.

*120 minutes (coming soon) – $400

The most advanced facial incorporates all the modalities described below. This is for anyone interested in the most effective facial rejuvenation without lasers, injections, or surgery. These modalities work synergistically to lift, tighten, tone, and leave your skin glowing.


*60 minutes – $150

This facial is unique. We bring Asian herbal magic to how we cocktail along with highly effective concentrations of actives ingredients. The facial is customized based on a simple health, age and lifestyle history. Opening rituals, deep cleansing and nourishment to the face, neck and décolleté. Distilled water steam, gentle ultrasonic exfoliation, deep pore cleanse, Guasha massage and mask. 

This facial helps diminishing redness, helps acne, filling in fine line and wrinkles and concentrating on hydrating and balancing the skin to build the foundation for maintaining optimum skin health. Suited for any skin type.

CUPPING THERAPY: Facial cupping glides cups to stimulate lymph circulation and drainage, restore collagen and elastic fibers, and increase product penetration. It promotes cellular repair, boosts circulation, and reduces muscle tension. It will rejuvenate, plump face, and lift.

HYDROIMPACT: Delivers highly concentrated hydrogenated water into skin cells to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, resulting in brightens, plumps and hydrates skin. Electroporation helps revitalize as well as changes your wrinkles and rough skin, nourished, moisturized and elasticity.

MICRODERMABRASION: Utilizes a diamond encrusted tip and vacuum technology to gently remove dead skin. This exfoliating process improves skin texture and overall complexion.

HIGH PRESSURE OXYGEN THERAPY: Delivers a hydrating mist onto the skin resulting in a refreshed and glowing complexion.

MICRO-CURRENT: like a workout for the face, this treatment delivers mild electric currents to tighten and tone facial muscles.

LED LIGHT: (Red, Infrared, and Blue Light) Red light reduces inflammation and speeds the skin’s healing process. Infrared light reduces muscle tension, pain relief and improves the appearance of photo damage and sensitive skin. Blue light is effective for destroying acne-causing bacteria.

HIGH FREQUENCY: increases oxygen to the skin, improving the overall texture, tone, and glow and helps to treat acne problems. All of this promotes collagen stimulation and elastin production, providing a firmer and more youthful appearance.



*90 minutes – $199
WRFL is an effective, non-invasive method of aesthetic face and neck correction due to age-related changes.
*30 minutes – $79
Sculpting, relaxing, and improving lower facial tone


*Starts at $139

Consultation is required, during your appointment, we will discuss your skin concerns and what treatments best suit you. Peels vary from very superficial, superficial, and medium-depth peel.

We offer a variety of chemical peels:

  • Oxygen Peel
  • Lactic Acids Peel
  • Salicylic Peel
  • 5 Berry Pigment Peel
  • Vitamin A Peel
  • TCA 15%
  • Jesser’s Peel
  • Peptide Peel
*60 minutes – $299
Microchanneling temporarily creates thousands and thousands of micro-channels into the skin to be repaired by new healthy collagen. It also allowed topical solutions to absorb more effectively into the living skin below.
Unique linear stamping technique without dragging or tearing, delivery every distributed channels and less discomfort.
Things your skin may be feeling are signs the treatment is working! tightness, itchiness, warmth, sensitivity, general light sunburn appearance to the skin…These are all great indications that your skin is healing and producing youthful collagen.
This treatment helps those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines / wrinkles, acne scars / scar revision, stretch marks, sun- damage / hyperpigmentation, skin tone / texture & firming

*60 minutes – $150
*Dermaplaning with Peel starts at $200

Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure for skin. Using a special instrument to shave away the uppermost layers of your skin, reducing the appearance of scars or signs of aging. This treatment includes classic facial elements such as double cleanse, professional exfoliate, extraction (if needed), and a special treatment mask.

*60 minutes – $150
Get repaid skin results with lifting, firming, tightening, and improving circulation facial ideal for wrinkles, sagging, tired, and photo-aged skin. This facial includes protein, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C complex mask that hardens on the skin as it dries. Paired with growth factors, professional CBD serum and plant-derived stem cells, this facial is a super oxygenated regenerative treatment, perfect for anti-aging.


*45 minutes $119
This treatment includes the same technique as our petite facial. Refreshes, cleanses, and conditions. It will help remove dead skin cells from the skin surface, this treatment stimulates the lymph system, eliminating toxins and increasing blood circulation.
*45 minutes $119
This treatment can help brighten, soften, and smooth the underarm skin, getting rid of blackheads and ingrown hairs. A special deep mask is applied to help remove aluminum, impurities, and build-up from underarms.
*45 minutes $119
Feel beautiful in your bikini with this popular treatment for women who have a tendency to get ingrown hairs in their bikini area. This treatment can help brighten, soften, and smooth the skin surface, getting rid of dead skin cells. Skin is left feeling soft.


Modern Classic $145

Refill $79-$89

Using our ultra light 0.3 , grab 2-4 extensions apply to each natural lash, the perfect way to enhance natural lashes.

Hybrid $155

Refill $89-$99

Hybrid sets involve one-by-one placements and two to four light flares that provide maximum fluffiness and curl.

Volume $169

Refill $99-$109

A volume fan uses 2 to 5 extensions with a diameter of 0.05 to 0.07 mm. to create maximum lash density while maintaining a dramatic look

Mega Volume $199

Refill $109-119

Mega volume lash is a newer and more advanced type of volume lash. This style uses very light and thin extensions to create a fuller look. Each mega volume fan uses 6 to 16 false lashes with diameters between 0.03 to 0.05 mm.



A traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal, sugaring involves using a 100% natural paste to remove hair from its root

Upper/Lower/Chin Lip $12
Underarm $22
Stomach $37
Lip/Brow $27
Half Leg $52
Full Leg $95
Full Face $50
Full Arm with Hands $50
Buttock $40
Brow $20
Back $60


After a Facial

  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Do not touch your skin
  • Avoid wearing makeup
  • Use gentle face wash
  • Do not exfoliate your face
  • Avoid hair removal

After a Chemical Peel

  • Approximately 48 hrs. after treatment your skin starts to peel. Do Not Pick Or Pull Skin
  • Avoid sun exposure and tanning after treatment. Use daily sunscreen - Avoid any irritants to your skin, such as any products containing acids for 1 week after your peel.
  • Do not wax, or shave the treated area for 1 week after peel

After Micro-dermabrasion

  • Do Not use any harsh chemicals, rub or tan your skin for one week following the procedure.
  • Use sunscreen every time. This is important because microdermabrasion increases photosensitivity.

After Hair Removal Service

  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Avoid sunbathing or tanning bed.
  • No exercising immediately.
  • Avoid activities that create heat and /or friction.

After Eyelash Extension

  • Do not wet lashes for 2 hrs. after your appointment.
  • Limit eye make up usage.
  • No mascara and eye make up removal or face products containing oils.
  • No picking or pulling lashes.
  • Avoid excessive heat
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